Sustainable Solutions

At IMCD, we go further to positively impact our environment along the life cycle of our products from cradle to grave and through our circular approach.

We partner with both our suppliers and customers to offer a unique portfolio of products, which are both safe for people and the environment and able to generate value while still reducing their environmental impact. 

IMCD Sustainable Solutions are products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits over the whole life cycle, when compared to existing mainstream products. We screened the portfolios of each of our business groups and selected our Sustainable Solutions by means of hazard analysis, life cycle assessment and collaboration to provide a data-fit solution. Our suppliers can also market their own sustainable products through the programme.

Every product branded as an IMCD Sustainable Solution is backed by data that can be used to help guide customers when choosing responsible alternatives to products already in use. By using a life cycle assessment methodology, we forecast that the overall carbon footprint associated with our product offering will decrease in the years to come. 

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