Food & Nutrition

Technical Expertise

Operating coast-to-coast throughout North America, IMCD technical experts are focused on keeping customers on top of key market trends.

With cutting-edge equipment and extensive formulatory expertise, IMCD’s technical team is prepared to deliver food and nutrition solutions through best-in-class ingredients from leading suppliers around the world.

From providing insights and application support to facilitating the development of complex ingredient formulations, IMCD is ready to support you in solving your formulation challenges.

IMCD Food & Nutrition Technical Centre serves the North America market to deliver technical solutions that inspire food innovation via:

  • Development of innovative prototype concepts aligned with current market trends
  • Application specific seminars exclusively available to customers
  • New product development
  • Formulation optimization
  • Fast-tracking customer projects by conducting small batch trials
  • Lab scale/tabletop equipment to test and demonstrate ingredient functionality in formulations
  • Perform troubleshooting and validation studies

Discover the versatility and convenience of IMCD Food & Nutrition’s enhanced technical capabilities and expertise developed to accelerate innovation and your product development experience.

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