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Lubricants & Energy

We offer high quality base oils and additive components for industrial and automotive lubricants & fluids, as well as a range of speciality chemicals that can be employed across the oil, gas, fuels and clean energy sectors.

Accelerating Progress

IMCD Lubricants & Energy brings together our expertise across the lubricants, fuels, oil & gas and energy sectors. We keep transport and machinery moving and support the energy supply chain.

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We offer base oils and additive components and packages used in automotive and industrial oils and greases.

In the energy sector, IMCD supplies a range of speciality chemicals that can be used across all parts of the oil, gas and fuel markets, from upstream exploration, to mid-stream processing (storing and transportation), through to downstream refineries, petrochemical plants and final processing of the fuels used by consumers at the end of the supply chain.

Our long-standing partnerships with leading suppliers enable us to offer a comprehensive and synergistic portfolio, complementary to the formulation needs of our customers.

At IMCD Lubricants & Energy we analyse industry trends on energy consumption, environmental sustainability and emission reductions, alongside changes in legislative or OEM requirements. We work with our supply partners to understand how innovative chemistry can support a sustainable energy economy, based on improved efficiency and lower carbon footprints. Contact us to discuss how sustainability trends can drive your business.

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