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Market Segments

For the Lubricants & Fuels sector, our specialist teams support customers with formulations in automotive & industrial lubricants, metal working fluids and fuels. In the Energy sector, our specialist teams support customers with their formulations in key upstream, midstream and downstream market sectors.

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IMCD offers innovative solutions for the following market segments:

Automotive Lubricants

We offer additives and base oils for: •Engine Oils: Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils, Passenger Car Motor Oils, Marine Diesel Oils, Small Engine Oils, Gas Engine oils •Driveline Fluids: Automatic Transmission Fluids, Axle Oils, Manuel Transmission Fluids, Off-Highway Oils

Industrial Oils

We offer additives and base oils for: •Greases & Pastes •Industrial Gear Oils •Hydraulic Fluids •Turbine & Compressor Oils •Chain Oils •Process Oils

Metal Working Fluids

We offer a wide product selection to formulate neat and soluble oils to meet a broad spectrum of metal protection and processing needs: •Metal Forming & Removal Fluids •Protective Fluids •Quenching Fluids •Cleaning Fluids •Way & Slideway Oils •Biocides


We offer a full range of additives and fuel compounds for: •Gasoline Fuels •Diesel, Agricultural & Home Heating Fuels •Biofuels

Energy - Upstream

We offer speciality ingredients for: •Drilling Fluids •Wellbore Cements •Well Stimulation (e.g. Fracturing)

Energy - Midstream

We provide speciality chemicals to support all aspect of the midstream sector • Storage • Transportation • Oil & Gas Processing

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