Environment, Health & Safety

IMCD is committed to the prevention of accidents, injuries and illnesses in our workplace, and to the protection of our employees. In fulfilling this commitment, we provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment in accordance with standards which meet or exceed all industry and legislative requirements. We do not condone or tolerate acts of harassment or violence against or by any IMCD employee. We constantly work to identify and address any potential hazards which may increase the risk of accidents, injury or illness, and to heighten the awareness of health and safety within our company.

Our health and safety program is based on the principle that every IMCD employee is responsible for safety in our workplace. All managers and supervisors recognize that it is their responsibility to provide leadership in our health and safety efforts, and that it is their obligation to lead by example. Safe work practices and procedures are clearly defined and communicated through ongoing training for all employees to follow. Every employee, contractor, sub-contractor, and visitor to our facilities must act in a safe and responsible manner, protecting themselves and the safety of others around them. They must be made aware of and follow all of the safety policies and procedures which we have implemented to support this program.

We encourage all of our employees to actively participate with suggestions to improve the health and safety of our work environment, and to fulfill their responsibility to promptly report all accidents, injuries, or areas of concern. Our company reviews our health and safety policy at least annually and makes changes when necessary to maintain our standards for a safe and healthy workplace. Our commitment and compliance with this policy ensures that safety remains an integral part of our culture for every IMCD employee.


Our commitment to sustainability starts at the top

IMCD believes that sustainability goes beyond compliance with laws and regulations and beyond current profitability and success. A sustainable global economy should combine long term profitability with social justice and environmental care; for now and the future.  For more details about Sustainability initiatives at the IMCD Group level, click here.

Our sustainability goals focus on five key pillars:

1. Sustainable Business Practices 

  • Applying strong governance, transparent management systems, responsible procurement compliance and reporting throughout the supply chain and across all operations.
  • Achieved through continuous improvement initiatives, including use of recycling fiber material, improving waste management diversion, and completing operational projects that make sustainability a priority. 

2. Responsible Relationships with Principals 

  • Providing the best products and services that comply with or exceed sustainable regulations and our own corporate standards. 

3. Engaged and Talented People 

  • Recruiting to attract and retain the best talent with similar values

4. Community Contribution and Action 

  • By making impactful contributions to our communities through mutually beneficial partnerships. 
  • Achieved through our annual Earth Day activities and support to community charities and sustainability organizations.

5. Environmental Stewardship 

  • Proactively measuring and reducing our environmental footprint, as highlighted through our Greenhouse Gas reduction program, office sustainability optimization and a paperless work environment where achievable.
  • Modern spill containment equipment is on-hand in the event that it is required.
  • Striving to act as a role model for other organizations. 

IMCD is proudly engaged in a continuous improvement program for all of our core initiatives and this includes sustainability.  The program is overseen by our Sustainability Committee, which started over 15 years ago. The committee includes representatives from all departments with a view towards fostering sustainability best practices that benefit everyone. 

Through responsible practices, leadership by example and commitment, we believe that sustainability is not just a catch phrase but a road map to success for our future generations.