Welcome to What’s Next For Beauty!

EMEA Virtual Show I June 16th – July 9th

Explore the latest innovations and trends that are shaping the future of beauty. 

Committed to inspiring innovation in the Personal Care industry, IMCD hosted its inaugural What’s Next For Beauty! EMEA Virtual Show from June 16th until July 9th


This exclusive digital event brought the latest ingredient innovations from the world’s leading suppliers, technical and marketing insights from industry experts as well as IMCD exclusive beauty solutions together in one place.

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Discover the What’s Next For Beauty! Virtual Show experience
  • Inspiring Expert Talks & Keynotes presentations
  • Innovation Pitch sessions from the world’s leading suppliers
  • Five virtual experiential Beauty Labs, each showcasing advanced formulation concepts
  • Interactive Meetup sessions to meet with our technical experts

Check out the conference agenda of this inaugural edition

Day #1

Expert Talks

Skinimalism, back to essentials with simplified beauty routines.

Expert Talks

Uncovering new generation of sunscreens for a beautiful future

Keynote Presentation

2021 Beauty & Personal Care Trends  by MINTEL

Interactive Meetups - formulating & beyond


Interactive Meetups - formulating & beyond

Color Cosmetics

Suppliers Innovation Pitch - Session #1

Day #2

Expert Talks

Hair aging in different ethnicities

Keynote Presentation

Simply but fierce active ingredients

Interactive Meetups - formulating & beyond


Interactive Meetups - formulating & beyond

Hair Care

Interactive Meetups - formulating & beyond


Suppliers Innovation Pitch - Session #2