Expanding capabilities

New Roquette Pea Protein Manufacturing Plant

Welcoming the largest pea protein plant on Earth to Canada

Plant for the Future

Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada

As a global leader and expert in plant protein for over 40 years, Roquette is expanding its global supply and capacity with a state-of-the-art facility.

Supporting Your Growth

The new pea protein plant adds to Roquette’s pea protein production facilities in France and Netherlands for a greater North American market reach. The future-focused facility will support our customers' growth aspirations with a stabilized supply chain you can depend on.
Why Canada? 

Expanding pea protein production to both sides of the Atlantic means global expertise, with local reach.

A Story of Sustainability 

Strategically manufactured in Canada to shorten the supply chain and secure it for local customers.

Premium Quality Pea Protein

Discover the benefits of NUTRALYS® plant protein and explore IMCD's Plant-Based Menu featuring best-in-class pea protein solutions.

Due to an increase in consumer health consciousness, plant protein is no longer a trend, it's a key market driver.

Growing Demand for Plant Protein

The global pea protein market is set to surpass USD 325 million by 2027, according to the latest research report by Global Market Insights Inc. As consumers' desire for healthier food and beverage alternatives continues to grow, the need for clean and nutrient-dense ingredient solutions will be at the forefront of innovation.

A Sustainable Future
Pea is a highly sustainable crop from a farming standpoint. It does not need irrigation and no nitrogen fertilizer. The crop itself captures nitrogen from the environment it is grown in contributing to soil fertility and to better yields in crop rotations. Pea protein production takes less waste and leads to fewer CO2 emissions than animal-based equivalents. IMCD is proud to partner with Roquette, as sustainability is a critical value in every aspect of its operation.

Canada is one of the world's biggest pea-producing countries, accounting for 30% of global production

Strategically Located

Roquette has chosen to base this new facility at the heart of the pea-growing area. Manitoba provides highly skilled and well-educated labour, as well as reliable and sustainable hydroelectric power. Canada has an excellent competitive advantage from a farming standpoint, with several developments and investments supporting this supply chain.

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Premium Quality Pea Protein
NUTRALYS® Pea Protein is manufactured with the best-in-class quality, providing superior nutrition, functionalities, and a clean taste. With a number of innovative grades available, Roquette's plant protein solutions are ideal for virtually any food or beverage application. 

Protein Packed Prototypes

Discover the benefits of Roquette's NUTRALYS® plant protein solutions with IMCD's better-for-you pea protein concepts

Plant-Based Fishless Fillet

A gluten-free and soy-free plant protein fillet, featuring high-quality functional ingredients that provide a fish-like texture and flavour.

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Gluten-Free Protein Enriched Loaf Cake 

A high-quality loaf cake free from gluten, soy and dairy, featuring 10g of protein per serving for a better-for-you treat.

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Better-for-You Protein Candy

Better-for-You Protein Candy made with no added sugar, and packed with 7g of plant-protein per serving.

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Tropical Plant Protein Beverage

An acidified beverage that is smooth, creamy and enriched with protein, offering 11g of protein per 240mL serving.

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