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Over the past century Ajinomoto has dedicated itself to the science and development of products based on the properties and functions of natural amino acids. Today our Specialty and Personal Care products have a new look and a new name, aminobeauty™, which celebrates the joy of life, at every stage and in all its diversity. Nature gives power and beauty to life through amino materials. With aminobeauty™ nature's gift is ours, to create and maintain beautiful skin and hair throughout our lives.

Food Ingredients

Pharmaceutical & Natural Health

Ajinomoto is among a world leaders in the production and supply of amino acids since 1908. They were the first company to identify, refine and market amino acids, and we continue to lead the industry in research and development, global sales and distribution.

Ajinomoto North America is the only U. S. manufacturer with sufficient capacity to produce cGMP, pharmaceutical grade amino acids to fulfill all your amino acid needs – from initial research to manufacturing, blending and pulverization, warehousing, custom labeling and packaging, and analytical and technical support.

Begin building your proteins with Ajinomoto amino acids. No animal products. No fillers. No shortcuts. Ajinomoto's amino acids set the industry standard for purity, so your proteins will be based on a quality, consistent and safe foundation.

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