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When your product's demands are critical, there is no other choice than steel containers. When you're seeking the best steel container manufacturer, there is no better choice than Cleveland Steel Container.

Steel endures as the ultimate material for building things that last. Tough. Resilient. Hard working, yet capable of conveying an image. And economical. In a wide variety of applications, steel shines as the most cost-efficient, consistently performing, and reliable way to contain an increasingly wide variety of products.

Cleveland Steel Container is in the business of steel pails, containing everything from hazardous materials to cosmetics. At Cleveland Steel, our energetic team of professionals stands ready to partner with customers to plan, design, produce and deliver the steel pail that meets the shipping and marketing needs of your product --backed by world class customer service. Our ultimate goal is to mesh our service with your needs so closely that our product is virtually invisible. Whether you purchase directly from CSC, or from one of our strategically located distributors, we are positioned to become a valued partner in your supply chain.

A singular focus on steel pails is what sets Cleveland Steel Container apart from competitors and has made us the industry leader. With each new order, we set a new standard for the industry to follow.

By reinvesting profits back into the business, year after year, we've developed advanced design production and engineering capabilities. We can offer customers the most innovative engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing available in the industry.

Braced by the strength of steel, Cleveland Steel Container is leading the way in the delivery of the finest shipping container today.

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Cleveland Steel Container is in the business of manufacturing steel pails that meet the shipping and marketing needs for a broad spectrum of packaging requirements. They are designed to contain everything from hazardous materials to cosmetics.

Leading the industry in quality, service and value, Cleveland Steel containers are strong, safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective. Pail styles available come in a variety of designs and sizes for every application meeting the toughest UN standards.

Cleveland Steel Container has been in the steel container business for over 35 years. When your product demands are critical Cleveland Steel Container is your best solution.