Dow Automotive offers adhesives developed specifically for high-performance sandwich-panel laminations. Applications include load-bearing structural insulated panels and patio enclosure panels; insulated garage doors and entry doors; and interior wall panels for in-plant office and cold storage, amongst others. In addition, these adhesives are highly effective in a variety of demanding industrial applications.

These products have been designed to bond to a wide variety of substrates and exhibit excellent performance properties. High bond strengths, resistance to shear and environmental stresses, and excellent long-span performance are hallmarks of these products. This proprietary technology is a direct result of years of experience and knowledge with polyurethane technology and its application for the laminated panel industry. The products include Mor-Ad™ liquid urethane and Mor-Melt™ reactive hot melt adhesives.

Rohm and Haas also offers a broad selection of adhesives for use in automotive vehicle applications and production. With offerings such as our trusted MEGUM™, ROBOND™ TR, and THIXON™ product lines, we command a strong market position in the production of rubber-to-metal bonding agents and adhesives for automotive trim, flocking agents, and release agents.