Using nature to create.

Demands of consumers concerning food products they buy are increasing all the time. They expect simple, quick preparation. Above all the range of products has to appeal in terms of taste and look, and should also fulfil nutritional criteria required. The Emsland Group products provide outstanding functional value in the food sector.

Starches from potato - and pea origin are successfully used in many sectors of food industry. Emsland Group proteins and fibres are also indispensable for manufacturing all types of food. In many cases they are not just food ingredient, but used as thickener, binding agent, emulsifier or stabilizing additive to create new textures.

Starch derivatives, proteins, fibres as well as potato flakes and -granules are applied amongst other things in the production of in confectionery, fruit gums and liquorice articles, potato products, dairy products, canned food, deep frozen goods, bakery goods, snacks, chips, desserts, soups, sauces, marmalade and jams, fruit fillings, drinks, ketchup, mayonnaise as well as baby food, retail and catering products.

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