The Essential Ingredients product line encompasses novel solutions designed to meet common needs in the marketplace. Some of the products they provide include:

Curoxyl® 42 Benzoyl Peroxide Gel, USP is a patented, aqueous based, micronized benzoyl peroxide dispersion (40%) in the form of a gel. Curoxyl® 42 can be the starting point for topically applied anti-acne creams, anti-acne wipes, face and body washes, cleansers and medicated pet shampoo formulations.

Curcylic® 40 is a, patented, form of Salicylic Acid that is safe, stable, effective and meets the USP Salicylic Acid Gel Monograph. It is 40% complexed Salicylic acid, in its pure form.

Meristant® is a naturally derived, water resistant agent based on Abietic Acid as extracted from pine rosin, a naturally renewable source. It is available as a liquid, Meristant® 101L and a solid, Meristant® 101S.

Vitacon® are a Customized, Vitamin Blends with Microsorption™ Technology. The Vitacon® line consists of a variety of vitamins in a liquid, water soluble base. Vitacon® blends offer efficacy, label claim and ease of use in production.