Imerys is the world leader in adding value to minerals, with more than 234 sites in nearly 50 countries worldwide. Combining high-quality mineral resources with advanced industrial know-how and technologies, Imerys designs, manufactures and sells mineral-based specialties that enable customers to improve product performance or process efficiency. Talc is a surprisingly versatile and very functional mineral which possesses a unique combination of properties. Talc is soft, water repellent, chemically inert and highly platy. Imerys Talc's industry experts have harnessed these properties to bring customers improved performance in a wide range of applications. Imerys' specialties have applications in a many industries, including construction, food, personal care, paper, paint, plastics, ceramics, telecommunications and energy.

Over the last century, we have grown to become the world's leading talc producer, employing 1,000 people on five continents and supplying around 15 percent of global demand from 9 mines and 15 processing plants throughout Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Spain and the United States. Today, the Imerys brand continues to represent the highest quality talc products on the market.