Globally Inspiring People To Embrace Nutrition And Wellness Within The Everyday Lifestyle

Matsutani America’s mission is to introduce their premier, flagship food ingredient brand “Fibersol” to a global audience, and to inspire a rich and nutritious lifestyle for every man, woman and child in the world. Fibersol’s superior quality and versatile functionality allows their product to be implemented within any food or beverage product, both for human and animal consumption. Not only does Fibersol products enrich nutrition, it also enhances the ability for the manufacturer’s to innovate with its bevy of functional attributes.

Today, there is an increased interest in products that promote personal health and help in preventing lifestyle diseases; obesity, diabetes and heart disease continue to plague the populations in many parts of the world. Matsutani America’s desire is to be a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle and contribute to a world where nutrition, health and wellness is accessible to everyone.

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