Resinex specializes and offers a wide selection of ion exchange resins for a variety of industries, who is able and willing to expand ion exchange products and technologies into new market areas.
Resinex™ is a division of Jacobi Carbons that offers a complete portfolio of high quality ion exchange resins. Resinex™ has hundreds of different ion exchange, adsorbent, and catalyst type products for a variety of applications. Jacobi and Resinex™ continue to be on the leading edge of carbon and resin technology by adding more products every day to meet industry needs. Resinex™ ion exchange resins are manufactured using high quality raw materials. Each stage of the production process is monitored and subject to a detailed quality analysis. As a result of our stringent procedures, Resinex™ ion exchange resins are approved and certified to meet the requirements of several international product safety standards
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