Re-usuable Tote Program (Canada)

IMCD offers a returnable tote program to our customers as an alternative to disposable, single use packaging. Our re-usable assets (ARCA, HAWMAN and WARMPRO Heaters) provides a packaging solution that are not only more cost effective, but also contribute to a sustainable footprint through reduced waste. Assets available through the program adhere to Safe Food for Canada Regulations.

IMCD Assets are made available to customers within, but not limited to IMCD’s eligible local delivery areas as defined below;


Warehouse Address Delivery Range
Brampton 75 Summerlea Road Brampton, On L6T 4V2
  • Bolton to Stoney Creek
  • Port Hope to Brantford
Dorval 1660 Hymus Blvd, Dorval, Qc, H9P 2N6
  • Montreal to Sorel
  • Saint-Jerome
Delta Unit 500-819 Cliveden Pl, Delta BC V3M 6C7
  • North Vancouver to White Rock
  • West Vancouver to Chilliwack

IMCD will assist arranging pickup and return of the assets once emptied. Instructional videos are provided for any actions that need to be undertaken to ensure a smooth return.


Assets should be stored in a clean, food safe environment at all times. The tote should not be used to store any material other than what was shipped from IMCD.

Asset Return & Late Fees

IMCD prices our returnable asset program based on the return of a tote within a reasonable time period, currently defined as 60 days from date of delivery. Any additional time with an asset would require pre-approval from IMCD. If an asset is not returned with the allotted time, IMCD reserves the right to charge a fee of $250 for every additional 30 days the tote is not returned. These fees will be billed on a separate invoice, and will continue until the cost of IMCD’s asset is fully recovered. A customer may be eligible for a credit or reimbursement if a ‘late’ asset is returned promptly.  


IMCD tracks assets using a BarCode Identification number unique to each unit. These codes are scanned at all stages of operation – Empty, Filled, Storage, Shipped and Returned. Once an asset is returned to IMCD, it will be inspected for damage. If damage is found, IMCD reserves the right to charge a replacement cost for the asset. Damage may include; any defacing of the asset by graffiti or a 3rd party, punctures, missing or defective components or irreparable damage. Costs of the assets are defined below;

Replacement Cost
  • Arca Tote - $1150
  • Hawman Tote - $1800
  • Warm Pro Heater - $800

Direct to Process 

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Arca Tote - Pail

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Asset Specifications



Parameter Arca tote
Footprint 44" x 48"
45" - gray tote
47" - beige tote
Size 1100 L/gray tote
1150 L/beige tote
Valve 2" integrated butterfly valve
Center of valve to floor 5½ "
Center of valve to floor with tote stand 29½ "
Tare weight (lb) 225 lb
Stacking height-full 3 totes
Stacking height-empty 10 folded totes
Power requirement  N/A
Sight glass  N/A
Tamper evident seals  Yes



Please ensure when returning the tote that the bladder is removed, and the tote is collapsed. If the ARCA tote has a Warmpro heater, please leave the heater in the ARCA tote when collapsing it.


Device installed in the bottom of an ARCA Tote to facilitate melting of solid oils and/or flow ability of high viscosity material. The power chord reaches up and out of one corner as seen in the picture on the left. The power requirements are 120V, 13.5 amp.