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3M™ Fluorosurfactant FC-4430

Fluorochemical Surfactant

3M™ Fluorosurfactant FC-4430 - Description

3M™ Fluorosurfactant FC-4430 is a non-ionic polymeric fluorochemical that offers excellent wetting, leveling and flow control in a variety of coating systems. It lowers surface tension and significantly outperforms many hydrocarbon and silicone-based surfactants. In addition, this product can provide stain and dirt pick up resistance by making the coating surface oleophobic.

3M™ Fluorosurfactant FC-4430

More information about 3M™ Fluorosurfactant FC-4430

  • Reduces surface tension in both aqueous and solvent-borne systems
  • Provides excellent wetting and leveling
  • Helps paints and coatings overcome surface contamination
  • Delivers long lasting dirt pick up resistance and easy oil stain removal

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