3M™ GLASS BUBBLES H50/10000 - Description

3M™ Glass Bubbles H50/10000 are hollow glass microspheres with a typical density of 0.50 g/cc and an isostatic crush strength of 10,000 psi. These glass bubbles are designed for buoyancy and insulation in ultra-deep water applications for oil and gas drilling and coatings for subsea equipment. The bubbles produce strong, stable voids helping coatings achieve the necessary compressive strength.


More information about 3M™ GLASS BUBBLES H50/10000

  • Decreases density and increases buoyancy to help improve efficiency and may lower material costs
  • Provides excellent water and oil resistance for use in underwater applications
  • Decreases thermal conductivity in syntactic foam compositions
  • Very good strength-to-density ratio

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