3M™ GLASS BUBBLES S22 - Description

3M™ Glass Bubbles S22 are hollow glass spheres with a typical density of 0.22 g/cc and isostatic crush strength of 400 psi. These bubbles are engineered hollow glass microspheres that are alternatives to conventional fillers and additives for many demanding applications. These low-density particles are used in a wide range of industries to reduce weight, lower costs, and enhance product properties.
3M Glass Bubbles K Series and S Series are specially formulated for a high strength-to-weight ratio. This allows greater survivability under many demanding processing conditions, such as injection molding. They also produce stable voids, which results in low thermal conductivity and a low dielectric constant.


More information about 3M™ GLASS BUBBLES S22

  • Higher filler loading
  • Lower viscosity and improved flow
  • Reduced shrinkage and warpage
  • Low oil absorption
  • Chemically inert

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