AJK-0D2046 - Description

AJK-OD2046 is a gelling agent premix of AJINOMOTO’S oil gelling agents EB-21, GP-1 and polar oil - Octyldodecanol. These gelling agents make a fiber network of microscopic size in liquid oils on cooling and are able to make hard oil gels.

AJK-OD2046 is 20% active of the gelling agents together in the ratio 60:40 (GP-1:EB-21). The re-melt temperature of this premix gelling agent is 100°C. This premix is convenient to use and requires relatively less heat to re-melt than the heat required to dissolve GP-1 and EB-21 in oils.


More information about AJK-0D2046

The re-melt temperature of AJK-OD2046 is 100°C.
Oil gels with AJK-OD2046 are stable at high temperature.
AJK-OD2G46 does not interfere with the original sensory feel of the oils.
A small amount of AJK-OD2046 (l-20wt.%) can make hard oil gels of silicones, mineral oil, triglycerides and so on.
A small amount of AJK-OD2046 (l~2wt.%) can make viscous 

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