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Amilite ACS-12

INCI Name: Sodium Cocoyl Alaninate, Water

Amilite ACS-12 - Description

AMILITE® ACS-12 is a mild, amino acid based, anionic cleansing agent derived from L-Alanine and Coconut fatty acid, and is suitable for hair shampoos. It has good conditioning ability in the presence of cationic polymer, and it imparts pleasant moisturizing feel after drying.

Amilite ACS-12

More information about Amilite ACS-12

Mild cleansing agent derived from amino acid. L-Alanine.
Provides good conditioning effect in a combination with cationic polymer.
Imparts a pleasant moisturizing feel to the skin.
Good, creamy and resilient foam under weakly acidic condition or neutral. 

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