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Amisoft ECS-22SB

INCI Name: Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Water

Amisoft ECS-22SB - Description

Amisoft ECS-22SB is an anionic surfactant produced from L-Glutamic acid (an amino acid) and plant-derived coconut fatty acid.

Amisoft ECS-22SB

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Suitable as an additive for skin and facical cleansers containing SLES or fatty acid soap.
Amisoft ECS-22SB has an excellent conditioning effect to the skin, leaving a moisturized feeling without tautness. It also has an excellent conditioning effect to the hair, leaving silky feeling without a dry, coarse feel.
Amisoft ECS-22SB is usable in a wide pH range, even in a weakly acidic range.
Amisoft ECS-22SB generates moderate to good foaming and is an effective additive to conventional surfactants improving their mildness.
The characteristics of being plant-derived, friendly to human and earth (highly biodegradable) contributes to possibilities for new concept products.

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