Ancamine Cycloaliphatic Amines - Description

Polyamines with at least one amino group attached directly to a saturated ring. They will B-stage at ambient temperature, requiring heat for full cure. The Ancamine line of cycloaliphatic amine curing agents also includes products which have been modified in various ways to allow complete cure at ambient temperature. Modifications include adduction and condensation reactions (Mannich bases). Cycloaliphatic amines exhibit the following properties:

  • Cure at low temperatures under damp conditions
  • Good film properties (e.g., excellent gloss)
  • Resistant to amine blush and water spotting
  • Excellent color and color stability
  • Good adhesion and very good chemical resistance
  • Range of cure times and pot lives
  • In heat-cure applications - good elevated-temperature performance, very good chemical resistance, and electrical and mechanical properties

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