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Aquaflow XLS

Hydrophobically Modified Polyether Rheology Modifiers

Aquaflow XLS - Description

Aquaflow XLS series nonionic synthetic associative thickeners (NSATs) are highly efficient, second generation, low-shear effective liquid thickeners. The Aquaflow XLS chemistry provides an optimized balance of leveling with exceptional sag-resistance through a unique engineered structure recovery behavior. This balance of properties means that painters will appreciate a virtually drip-free application resulting in beautiful finished painted surfaces free of brush marks, which is particularly desirable in semi-gloss and high-gloss paints.

Aquaflow XLS-series rheology modifiers also deliver improved viscosity retention upon point-of-sale tinting with universal colorants. XLS technology works well in whites, ready-mix colors and tint bases, including deep bases, which often present a challenge for other synthetic thickeners.

All grades of Aquaflow XLS rheology modifiers are supplied as low-viscosity, APEO-free and solvent-free liquids for a cost-effective designed rheology solution in an environmentally responsible package, ideal for your next generation of “greener” paints.

Aquaflow XLS

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Exceptional balance of leveling and sag resistance
Drip-resistant application
Superior thickening efficiency
Improved viscosity retention on tinting with universal colorants
Improved brush loading
Improved applied hiding
APEO free

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