Beauté by Roquette® CD 102 - Description

Beauté by Roquette® CD 102 acts as a molecular encapsulating agent that helps provide the consumer with longer lasting oils and fragrances, and helps to enhance the efficacy of actives.

Beauté by Roquette® CD 102

More information about Beauté by Roquette® CD 102

  • Solubilizes Lipophilic Actives And Enhances Their Efficacy
  • Serves As An Active Carrier And Controls The Release Of The Encapsulated Actives
  • Increases The Bioavailability Of Actives
  • Protects Actives From Uv Rays, Temperature And Oxidants
  • Prolongs Fragrances And Perfumes By Reducing The Volatility Of The Encapsulated Molecules
  • Increases The Actives Stability To Heat, Uv, Chemicals Or Oxidants Of Oils, Dyes, Vitamins And Perfumes

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