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Oxide coated Bismuth Oxychloride glass based pigment

Biflair® - Description

Biflair® effect pigments are brilliant silver-white. Their unique, intense silky luster gives the impression of liquid metal, combining a high degree of whiteness with outstanding hiding ability.


More information about Biflair®

  • Biflair® products are pastes with effect pigments based on bismuth oxychloride (BiOCl), which is extracted in a special crystallization process.
  • With their brilliance and deep effect, the luster of BiOCl crystals cannot be matched by pearlescent pigments made from mica platelets.
  • Thanks to their square or octagonal shape of platelets and tight particle size distribution, the semitransparent crystals form an even, fine appearance with soft, subtle luster effects.
  • Biflair® pigment pastes are available in a range of dispersions for a wide variety of binder systems.

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