Carbopol Aqua SF-2 - Description

Carbopol Aqua SF-2 polymer is an acrylates crosspolymer, liquid rheology modifier for high clarity surfactant cleansing formulations at moderately low pH (range 4 to 6) while also providing elegant flow, viscosity build, and suspension of eye-catching insoluble ingredients. It enables formulations to use food grade preservatives such as sodium benzoate. Offering high clarity and superior suspension in the 4 to 6 pH range, formulators can display colorful beads, sparkling pearls, and exfoliating scrubs while also enabling "preservative-free" and "skin neutral pH" claims in clear bath gels, shampoos, and cleansers.

Carbopol Aqua SF-2

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  • Bath Gels
  • Shampoos
  • Cleansers

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