Chemoryl LG - Description

Chemoryl LG surfactant is a naturally derived non-ionic surfactant. Chemoryl™
LG generates an exceptional foam for a non-ionic surfactant, comparable with foam obtained using conventional anionic surfactants. Used as a co-surfactant, it can reduce the total active ingredients content of foaming formulations without altering their performance and is ideal for a wide variety of personal care applications. Chemoryl™
LG is compatible with all classes of surfactants including cationics. It can be used in conjunction with difficult-to-thicken surfactants, such as sulfosuccinates, to enhance viscosity build-up and also help increase foam volume in low-foaming formulations. Great for use in alkyl sulfate and alkyl ether sulfate free formulations as a primary or secondary surfactant. Also ideal for use in shampoos, bath gels, bubble bath and other cleansing applications.

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