Dextrol - Description

Dextrol phosphate ester surfactants improve gloss, color acceptance and water sensitivity in waterborne paint and coatings. They are superior wetting and dispersing agents for a variety of end uses. They help improve dispersion of pigments during processing and also serve to enhance surface wetting and reduce flash rusting.

In addition to direct addition to waterborne paints and coatings formulations, they are also widely used to disperse pigments and stabilize universal colorant concentrates and as an emulsion stabilizer in emulsion polymerization production of synthetic latex resins for paints, coatings, adhesives and numerous other applications.


More information about Dextrol

Low coagulum in finished latex
Improves stability of finished latex
Enhances color properties
Excellent wetting and dispersion of pigments
Reduced color float
Increases gloss in paint
Improved substrate wetting
Improved freeze-thaw resistance
Inhibition of flash and nail head rusting

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