EB-21 - Description

EB-21 is an oil gelling agent, derived from glutamic acid. It can be used to form clear hard oil sticks and/or clear oil gels. It can also be used in emulsion systems to increase stability. It has a wide range of applications in skin care, makeup and hair care.


More information about EB-21

Oil gels are stable at high temperature.
The sensory feeling of oil gels is the same as oils themselves.
Small amounts of EB-21 (1˜4wt.%) can make hard oil gels of cyclomethicone, mineral oil and so on.c
Small amounts of EB-21 (0.2˜1wt.%) can make viscous oil gels of polyisobutene.
Oil gels can be melted at the lower temperature than the dissolution of EB-21.

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