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These HALOX® specialty corrosion inhibitors provide formulators with additional tools to increase hydrophobicity and adhesion in challenging environments. The performance attributes of HALOX® 550 and HALOX® 550 WF lead to overall improvements to barrier properties through both the formation of domains within the pores of a coating in addition to an affinity for bonding at the metal surface. A number of these specialty products are suitable for applications other than paint and coatings which require corrosion inhibitors, such as the concrete, water treatment, inks, and heat transfer fluids.

HALOX Specialty Inhibitors

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HALOX® 550 is a liquid organic-inorganic sol-gel corrosion inhibitor designed for corrosion protection in thin film coatings: water and solvent-based finishes, high gloss DTM, conventional primers, acrylic clear coats, fast drying lacquers, wash primers, anti-fingerprint, and conversion coatings. It reduces white rust on galvanized steel and black rust on Galvalume™ substrates. Furthermore, it reduces the oxidation of silver, steel and aluminum alloys.  HALOX® 550 does not affect gloss. It is post-addable and environmentally-friendly. It provides synergy with anti-corrosive pigments (HALOX® SZP-391, HALOX® 430, HALOX® Zinc phosphate) to maximize corrosion resistance.

HALOX® 550 WF is a water-free liquid organic-inorganic sol-gel corrosion inhibitor designed for corrosion protection in thin film coatings: water-based and solvent-based finishes, water reducible alkyds, high gloss DTM, vinylidene chloride rust converters, dip primers, solvent-based polyurethanes, water-based lacquers and galvanized pretreatments using polyurethane dispersions (PUDs). It is a synergist to jet-milled products and stand-alone inhibitors. HALOX® 550 WF is an adhesion promoter for galvanized steel, pretreatment chemistries, acidic systems (pH 3-6) and thin-film coatings (<10 µm). Recommended loading level is 0.5-3.0% based on total formula weight.

HALOX® RC-980 is a novel low-odor organic-based liquid rust converting additive designed to convert red rust to black iron oxide. It can be used in slightly acidic waterborne vinyl or PVDC binders applied to rusted steel substrates. It converts the rust within minutes of the coating application and forms a black iron oxide barrier which can further be top-coated with water or solvent-based paints. It does not contain tannic acid, oxime chelates, phosphates, or phosphoric acid. HALOX® RC-980 is less soluble and less acidic (pH 4-6) than tannic acid. It provides better salt spray and cyclic corrosion performance and is non-flammable.

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