HALOX XTAIN L-44 - Description

HALOX® XTAIN® L-44 is a very effective liquid tannin stain-blocking additive that provides high performance and good compatibility in most water-based coating systems. Excellent tannin stain blocking properties can be achieved with HALOX® XTAIN® L-44 without the need for zinc oxide which is required to achieve performance by most tannin blocking polymers on the market today. HALOX® XTAIN® L-44 eliminates the need for zinc oxide without sacrificing performance, resulting in improved package stability and shelf life of the coating system.


More information about HALOX XTAIN L-44

HALOX® XTAIN® L-44 blocks tannin stains in the primer layer of a two-coat system and in some clear coat sealers. It contains zirconium chemistry which is more efficient as a chelator. It can easily be screened for tannin block performance. Recommended loading levels range from 1-3% based on total formula weight.

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