HALOX Z-PLEX 750 - Description

HALOX® Z-PLEX 750 is a specially engineered inorganic and organic hybrid corrosion inhibitor, containing 80% fewer zinc compounds than traditional zinc phosphate with enhanced performance due to the addition of organic functionality.

HALOX® Z-PLEX 750 is specifically designed for use in a variety of solvent-borne or water-borne applications, primarily for coatings and primers on metal surfaces, to cost-effectively provide the traditional function of an inorganic corrosion inhibitor with the benefits of an organic corrosion inhibitor.


More information about HALOX Z-PLEX 750

HALOX® Z-PLEX 750 is an inorganic corrosion inhibitor combining organic and inorganic inhibitor synergies. It is a cost-effective alternative to modified zinc phosphate to improve humidity resistance, wet adhesion, pigment dispersion and stability, lower oil absorption, barrier properties, and anodic passivation. It can potentially replace strontium chromate in light-duty applications.

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