HiFill® N - Description

Owing to its exceptional weathering resistance, HIFILL N (made from nepheline syenite) has been the mineral filler of choice in the architectural paints industry for over 30 years - the same performance is now being demonstrated in filled plastics applications and products.

HiFill® N

More information about HiFill® N

HIFILL® N mineral fillers offer an optimum balance of physical and optical properties, ease of processing, regulatory compliance and cost effectiveness. This product is sustainably produced, urgently and reliably delivered, serviced and supported with our customers’ continued growth and success in mind. HIFILL N fillers are available in ultrafine, precisely controlled particle size distributions for optimum performance.

Features and benefits

  • Non-reportable levels of crystalline silica
  • Improved weathering resistance which translates into cost savings from lower levels of light stabilizers
  • Transparent/color neutral which enables pigment cost savings
  • no need to overcome the whiteness of Calcium Carbonate
  • Low oil absorption which equates to minimal interference with other additives compared to Diatomaceous Earth and Talc
  • Low moisture content which allows higher productivity/output rates
  • Consistent supply
  • FDA approved for indirect food contact (up to 50% in the final products)

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