ImerCare 190P-Scrub - Description

ImerCare 190P-Scrub engineered, ultra-fine perlite is a natural exfoliant. ImerCare 190P-Scrub has been developed as an eco-friendly alternative to polyethylene beads currently used in scrub applications. It stimulates cell renewal by reducing the thickness of the top layer of skin cells. Used regularly, ImerCare 190P-Scrub results in smoother, healthier, glowing skin. It is ideal for face and lip exfoliation.

ImerCare 190P-Scrub

More information about ImerCare 190P Scrub

Specifically heat-treated to control microbial organisms
Eco-friendly alternative to polyethylene beads - can be used to replace PE beads with a 50% weight reduction for similar exfoliation properties
Gentle exfoliation effect
Ideal for face and lip exfoliation
Cosmos approved

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