MINBLOC® HC - Description

The MINBLOC HC series of additives is made from nepheline syenite and imparts essential antiblocking functionality without diminishing critical optical, mechanical or structural properties in the wide range of high clarity packaging films.


More information about MINBLOC® HC

MINBLOC HC plastic film additives offer high clarity, superior haze, and gloss in packaging grade flexible films. Due to its low surface area, low porosity and a non-reactive chemistry, MINBLOC HC additives will not interfere with light stabilizers nor absorb other process additives.

Features and benefits

  • Non-reactive
  • Excellent antiblocking performance
  • Won’t diminish structural or mechanical properties
  • The industry's best haze, gloss and clarity values
  • Non-reportable levels of crystalline silica
  • Low oil absorption which equates to minimal interference with other additives compared to Diatomaceous Earth and Talc
  • Low moisture content which allows higher productivity/output rates
  • Consistent supply

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