Schercemol 205 - Description

Schercemol 205 ester is a non-greasy, structurally bulky, long chain ester exhibiting fast absorbency and substantive emolliency. It has an exceptionally low cloud point and therefore acts as a cloud point depressant. Its bulky in structure aids the freeze-thaw stability. Schercemol 205 ester is a very mild emollient with a low level of skin and eye irritation as compared to other emollients such as isopropyl myristate. It is therefore recommended for use in sun and facial care lotions/creams, particularly when applied in the vicinity of eyes. It can also be used as a pigment binder in matte finish makeup or to add a creamy feel to powders.

Schercemol 205

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  • Body Lotions/Creams/Gels
  • Color Cosmetics
  • Eye Area Skin Care Products
  • Facial Care Products
  • Sun Care

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