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Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Air Entraining Agents

Silipon - Description

Silipon air-entraining agents comprise a family of products of different chemistries. These products produce a well defined amount of homogeneously distributed microscopic air bubbles in building mortars. This reduces the density of the wet mortars and improves workability. In addition, the small air void system can improve freeze-thaw durability while minimally influencing the final strength.

Silipon air entraining agents products provide optimal performance when used in combination with Culminal cellulose ethers and other accompanying products from Ashland Specialty Ingredients.


More information about Silipon

Better dispersibility
Improved workability
Can be used in both neutral and alkaline systems
Compatible with most other additives like surfactants and water soluble polymers like cellulose derivatives, starch and starch ethers or polyvinylacetates

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