SilSense A-21 - Description

SilSense A-21 silicone is a 100% active, water-dispersible, amino-functional, and cationic silicone prepared by the alkoxylation of amino-functional silicones. The introduction of amine functionality into a silicone polyether creates a cationic, conditioning silicone. This modification enhances the molecules' ability to form ionic bonds with keratinaceous substrates. SilSense A-21 silicone can be easily formulated into clear aqueous systems without adversely impacting clarity, and is readily incorporated into products without the need for elaborate emulsification or stabilization systems. It is recommended for use in a wide range of conditioning products.

SilSense A-21

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  • Body Wash
  • Conditioners
  • Hand Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Styling Products

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