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Silverwhite Effects

Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Aluminum Oxide, Tin Oxide, Silicon Dioxide, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate

Silverwhite Effects - Description

Timiron Supersilk MP-1005 - Silvery-white powder
Timiron Halo White - Silvery bluish-white satiny powder
Timiron Supersheen MP-1001 - Silvery-white powder
Timiron SynWhite Satin - Silverwhite powder
Timiron Super Silver Fine - Silvery-white powder
Timiron Glam Silver - White lustrous powder
Timiron Synwhite 40 - Silvery-white powder
Timiron Pearl Sheen MP-30 - Silvery-white lustrous powder
Timiron Ultraluster MP-111 - Silvery-white lustrous powder
Timiron Starluster MP-115 - Silvery-white lustrous powder
Timiron Arctic Silver - Silvery-white powder with bluish highlights
Timiron Pearl Flake MP-10 - Silvery-white lustrous powder
Timiron Super Silver - Silvery-white lustrous powder
Timiron Sparkle MP-47 - Silvery-white sparkling powder
Ronastar Silver - White powder with silver multicolor effect
Timiron Gleamer Flake MP-45 - Silvery-white sparkling powder
Timiron Snowflake MP-99 - White lustrous powder
Timiron Diamond Cluster MP-149 - Gray-white glimmering powder
Timiron Ice Crystal - Sparkly silverwhite powder
Ronastar Noble Sparks - White powder with silver multicolor sparkle effect
Ronastar Frozen Jewel - Silvery-white mass tone powder with silver sparkle effect
Timiron Liquid Silver - Silvery-white paste

Silverwhite Effects

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