SNOBRITE® - Description

SNOBRITE air floated kaolin is a natural ultrafine kaolin offering semi-reinforcing, good color quality, effective TiO2 spacing, and cost-effective rheology modifier with inherent or natural plasticity and thixotropy.


More information about SNOBRITE®

SNOBRITE is particularly effective in systems where color is critical. Combined with light scattering properties that mimic more expensive opacifiers, SNOBRITE offers functional performance in a wide range of adhesives, sealants, caulking compounds, and mastics. In alkyd

  • and water-based coatings, the combination of particle shape and particle size distribution operates to improve film properties, including surface finish, permeability, scrub resistance, and hiding power.

    Features and benefits
    • Moisture barrier
    • Natural platy particle shape for semi-reinforcing properties
    • Chemical resistance
    • Easy to disperse filler
    • Rheology control
    • Opacifier / TiO2 extension

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