SYLVATAL™ - Description

The SYLVATAL™ products are distilled tall oils (DTO) containing 10–40 percent rosin acids. It combines the advantages of fatty acids and rosin acids, making it an ideal raw material for functional products like metal working fluids, oil field chemicals, soaps, cleaners and alkyd resins.  SYLVATAL helps provide hardness improvement for indoor varnishes with high gloss and excellent water and alkali resistance.  When used as magnesium soaps, SYLVATAL can be very efficient dispersants for fuel oils.


More information about SYLVATAL™

SYLVATAL D25LR, SYLVATAL D30LR and SYLVATAL D40LR Distilled Tall Oils are a source of tall oil fatty acids having a high tall oil rosins content. The utility of distilled tall oil fatty acid can be found in the long carbon chain (C18), acid function of the carboxyl group (-COOH), or unsaturation of the double bonds. Plus, the rosin acids content adds "cling" and binding properties.


  • Low viscosity, liquid long fatty acid chain
  • Monocarboxylic acid functionality
  • Low saturated fatty acid content
  • High rosin acid content

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