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Polyamines with at least one amino group attached directly to a saturated ring. They will B-stage at ambient temperature, requiring heat for full cure. Vestamin PACM is a liquid unmodified cycloaliphatic amine curing agent. Chemically, it is bis-(p-aminocyclohexyl) methane. It has been designed for use as an alternative to aromatic amines in the elevated temperature cure of liquid epoxy resins.

Vestamin PACM

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Vestamin PACM is a low-color, low-viscosity unmodified cycloaliphatic amine which serves as an alternative to aromatic diamines, giving comparable properties with improved fracture toughness and fatigue properties.  Its fast cure enables increased throughput.  This curing agent affords long pot life at moderate temperatures, excellent mechanical properties following elevated temperature cure, and good resistance against acids, alkali, water, and hydrocarbon solvents when heat cured.

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