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IMCD offers an extensive portfolio from market leading suppliers. These products enable formulators to achieve their performance needs across a broad range.

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ADM Erythritol

It is a zero caloric sweetener used in the food and beverage industry as a substitute for other sweeteners such as cane sugar.

ADM Modified Tapioca Starch 2650xx

Thickening, shear and pH stability

ADM Modified Tapioca Starch 2651xx

Freeze thaw stability and thickening

ADM Modified Tapioca Starch 2654xx

Emulsification, spray drying and encapsulation

ADM Modified Tapioca Starch 2660xx

Robust thickening and process tolerance, freeze thaw stability, syneresis resistance

ADM Modified Tapioca Starch 2662xx

Viscosity, pH and shear stability, syneresis protection

ADM Native Tapioca Starch

Cost effective, clean label, neutral flavor, thickening and stabilizing

Adlec and Yelkin RL Canola

Rapeseed (Canola) lecithin, Non-GMO


Distilled monoglycerides

Amarnakote CS

Waterbased Release Agent

Amarnakote R

Waterbased Release Agent

Amarnakote RS

Waterbased Release Agent

Apple Fibre



Soy protein concentrates

Arcon T

Textured soy protein concentrate

Artificial Flavours

Liquid and powder grades



BakeShure food grades

Encapsulated baking powders

Balboa White Chunks

Confectioner's White Chunk

Bamboo Fibre