L.V. Lomas Helps Manufacturers Meet Growing Demand for Natural Personal Care Product

July 10, 2017

In today’s personal care market, consumers are increasingly on the lookout for products that contain natural ingredients. According to the recent piece 9 Natural Personal Care Predictions for 2017, many of the trends shaping the future of natural and personal care are growing out of today’s larger issues, issues including health, environmental sustainability, and personal wellbeing. 
While this is good news for manufacturers interested in incorporating natural ingredients in their products, the trend does come with some challenges. There is no formal definition for “natural” in personal care products, so it's up to the manufacturer to align with their target customer segment's expectations. Ingredients considered natural tend to be significantly more expensive than synthetic ingredients, which can be an issue for manufacturers who must maintain specific operating budgets. However, there are ways to meet the demands for natural hair and skin products, and L.V. Lomas can help businesses develop and commercialize products to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers.  

A Growing Market for Natural Ingredients

Using natural ingredients to produce products that are stable and aesthetically pleasing can pose significant hurdles for manufacturers, but increasing demand from consumers who want natural personal care products is paving the way for businesses to find natural options. Positive perceptions of environmentally sustainable products are driving the demand, as is social media and growing consumer awareness of synthetic chemicals in personal care products.  Increases in the disposable income of consumers have also contributed to the demand for chemical-free skin and hair products.
The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the skin care market segment is expected to grow over 10% through 2025, and the U.S. hair care market is expected to reach $13.4 billion by 2020, driven largely by a surge in demand for natural and multi-cultural hair care products.  
Despite this demand, there is still no consensus regarding the exact definitions for “natural,” as regulatory agencies have not provided a concrete definition for these terms. It’s up to the brand to decide what their target consumer wants and does not want, and to select ingredients and subsequent marketing messages appropriately.

Natural Ingredients Require an Expert Partner

L.V. Lomas has the expertise and deep industry knowledge on an extensive range of natural rheology solutions enabling you to develop products with a wide variety of novel textures. Janice Cukier, Personal Care Technical Manager, is regularly visiting North American customers and demonstrating how to create cutting edge products. We can provide a range of formulations to assist with new product development, and help manufacturers meet customer demands for natural ingredients while developing and commercializing products that meet industry trends.  

Extraordinary Value, Competitively Priced

Companies such as The Body Shop, Aveda Corporation, Amway and Estee Lauder are expected to continue developing technological innovations aimed at creating cost-effective natural products. These brands represent important drivers for market growth.  

Demand for natural products bridges a wide range of customer demographics, price points and categories. To address this wide-ranging demand, L.V. Lomas can assist manufacturers with developing and commercializing products that meet customer needs. L.V. Lomas supplies superior products produced by the world’s most respected principal partners, delivered with consummate professionalism. Our unique business model and specialized staff provides extraordinary value for clients while remaining competitively priced. To learn more, visit us online at