Gap Between Human and Pet Food Continues to Narrow

December 13, 2017

It seems just about everyone is on the health track these days. Consumers are realizing the health benefits of organic, GMO-free, and natural ingredients in foods and snacks. Overall, there’s an increase in awareness and demand for more health-conscious and recognizable ingredients.

This movement has gained momentum throughout the pet food industry as well. Pet food manufacturers are switching to more natural production methods with fewer artificial additives and expanded product lines.

According to a recent Zion Market Research report, the rise in pet humanization and concerns, along with increasing disposable income, is expected to fuel the growth of the pet food market. The U.S. pet food market could reach $30 billion by 2022. The combination of this market growth and the organic trend makes including healthy, natural ingredients in pet treats essential for your business.

Pets are Family

Healthy habits are extending to everyone in the family, including our loyal companions. After all, what a furry friend eats affects its gut, coat, urinary, and joint health. Consumers are more informed than ever before, reviewing labels for additives and chemical preservatives. Pet owners are concerned about filler ingredients in pet food, including grains and meat byproducts.

This ‘humanization’ trend is expanding throughout pet food segments, including treats and snacks. Owners want Fido to experience healthy, nutritious choices that they expect for themselves.

Ingredients Matter

To address market trends, manufacturers are investing in formulas with organic and non-GMO ingredients. As in the human food industry, interest in clean labeling continues to grow in pet food. In addition to ingredients that pet owners would recognize, L.V. Lomas has clean label options to assist with the shelf life, processing, and palatability of finished treats.

Owners have more knowledge today of a pet’s allergic reactions than in years past. As a result, consumers are more likely to look for grain-free, soy-free, corn-free, gluten-free, hormone –free, grass fed, free range, and natural labels. Regardless of a pet’s allergy situation, it needs protein. L.V. Lomas supplies pet product manufacturers with high quality proteins. Fresh and frozen meat options are available, as well as fish and non-meat proteins.

Premium, Expanded Options

Brands have the opportunity to capitalize on the growing pet food market and explore premium offerings. According to Petfood Industry, there’s “an explosion of products marketed to attract human taste buds and assuage human health concerns. Consumers are increasingly indulging their pets with premium and super-premium foods.”

Dog treats and snacks are incorporating on-trend ingredients from the human food market. To respond to the evolving lifestyle of pet owners, industry experts predict pet snacking and treats will be a key opportunity for pet food brands. Today’s market also shows that homemade and artisan snacks in popular human flavors are attracting pet owners. These flavors include everything from “Prime Rib” to “Peanut Butter & Applesauce.”

Increased Demand for Pet Humanization

Astute pet food manufacturers can clearly understand the potential and need to meet the demands of this growing market. Identifying opportunities to expand and improve products will be essential to stay competitive.

L.V. Lomas has a comprehensive line of high-quality proteins and functional nutritional ingredients. Using these ingredients can align pet product manufacturers with owner’s expectations. Read more about the L.V. Lomas Pet Food Division ingredient offerings here: