Iron Oxides for Construction

March 6, 2018

Iron oxide pigments have long been used in the Construction Products industry in such applications as concrete, brick, block, veneers, decorative stone, roofing tiles, grouts and asphalt.  There is no question that the use of colour in these and other cementitious applications is on the rise.

By understanding the various pigment forms available, manufacturers can ensure they are utilizing the most effective and economic options.

Iron oxide pigments for the Construction industry are available in various forms, including slurry, powder and several granular forms.  The choice depends largely on the application as well as the metering and conveying equipment used.

Powder is the form of choice for many applications, particularly in coloured cement and mortar as well as dry-bagging operations, but may not be ideal in others.

Slurries can be useful to avoid handling powders or granules, to avoid dusting, but may not be the most economical choice on the basis of cost per weight of pigment.  Pre-manufactured slurries also decrease formulation latitude.  Since they contain water, storage conditions must also be considered.

Granules are less dusty and easier to handle versus powders, and are an excellent option to consider for automated metering and dosing systems.  Pigment granules are formed using a polymer binder.  However, the nature of the granule will vary from very basic and less robust to more highly engineered, depending on the production method employed.  Only certain grades are recommended for wet conveying and ready-mix operations.  Relative to those for designed powders, dry dosing systems designed for granules offer better dosing accuracy and shorter cycle times, and are less costly.

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