We are committed to providing outstanding value to our Principals and Customers and an exceptional employment experience to our people


IMCD will be the best professional sales organization and distributor of value-added products and services for the North American market.



We are entrepreneurial. We think like owners by creating value, taking initiative, generating new and novel business opportunities, and being self-motivated to drive the business forward.

  • We seek out business opportunities and areas for improvement because we are driven to create value and want to ‘win’.
  • We are curious, forward looking, proactive and dynamic: we don’t wait to be told exactly what to do.
  • We take thoughtful action as opposed to prolonged discussions without decisions.
  • We learn from mistakes and quickly move on.


We work transparently as true partners of our principals and customers.

  • We base our relationships with our principals, customers and other stakeholders on trust, confidence, credibility and mutual long-term benefit.
  • We nurture long-term relationships with our principals and customers, rather than focusing on ‘one-off quick wins’.
  • We share information transparently with our principals and customers to ensure mutual alignment and success.
  • We communicate openly at all times.


We are guided by strict financial discipline

  • We strive to meet or exceed our financial goals.
  • We carry out accurate transparent financial planning, monitoring, accounting and reporting via our core IT systems.
  • We are aware of the financial impact of all our business decisions.
  • We take as much care with IMCD’s finances as we do with our own.


We expect the highest level of integrity and trust from ourselves and each other.

  • We always act with honesty, humility and openness: we don’t compromise the truth.
  • We treat our colleagues, customers and communities with the respect and support we expect ourselves.
  • We take responsibility for our own behaviour and do not blame others.
  • We protect the reputation of our company, its people, suppliers and customers.


We have appropriate freedom to act, with a ‘can do’ attitude.

  • We have the freedom to make various decisions independently, so we can move fast, be efficient and capitalise on business opportunities.
  • We make sound decisions based on our commercial mindset and our desire to do the best for IMCD, its customers, principal partners and employees.
  • We take local circumstances into account: we don’t have a ‘one rule fits all’ approach.
  • We encourage innovation – within the bounds of our business principles and commercial interests. This allows us to learn.

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