We are committed to providing outstanding value to our Principals and Customers and an exceptional employment experience to our people


IMCD will be the best professional sales organization and distributor of value-added products and services for the North American market.



  • We will maintain respect for family commitment and values.
  • We will be supportive and understanding, with respect for each other, and all employees will be treated with dignity
  • We are keenly interested in employee health and well-being, and will continue to implement ongoing programs to enhance this


  • We manage our business responsibly and focus on customer satisfaction, service and excellence in everything we do.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement in all functional areas.
  • We are committed to execute in all areas flawlessly and with consistency, with a quality objective of 100% on time in full performance.
  • We will hire and maintain the most qualified, capable, and talented personnel.
  • We will increase employee’s knowledge, skills and abilities through training and professional development.
  • We will offer a premium working environment, which is pleasant, comfortable and conducive to high performance.
  • We must continually improve upon the design of all services, products, processes, and points of interaction with our customers and principals. Creativity and innovation are critical to our long term success.


  • Customer and principal satisfaction is not good enough. We must consistently delight and amaze, and anticipate needs and concerns before we are asked to do so.
  • Our objective is to be rated as the best distributor by every principal and product supplier we represent.
  • All employees influence customer and principal satisfaction, and each is obligated to assist in all efforts to meet the needs of our customers and principals. All employees will make every effort to address and resolve any concerns expressed by customers and principals, and respond with a sense of urgency.


  • Interaction with customers and principals is to be managed with professionalism and elegance at all times, without exception.
  • We have a recognized and respected reputation, to be protected at all times regardless of the situation.
  • All employees have an impact on our financial health and are obligated to act at all times in the best interests of our company.


  • We expect honest, ethical, professional, behavior with no exceptions
  • Our target is to eliminate all injuries or incidents through the use of comprehensive safety and training programs, and to ensure we operate at all times in a safe and responsible fashion.
  • We are environmentally responsible and progressive.
  • We are involved with and supportive of our community.


  • We will foster cooperation in a common cause.
  • All employees are obligated to regularly develop suggestions to improve all aspects both their individual area and of our company, and to participate actively in continuous improvement.
  • We will ensure all employees are regularly kept well informed of company performance, current information, and future plans.
  • We will foster companywide cooperation at all levels, with effective communication and teamwork between and within departments.


  • Trust means that others can rely on us to speak truthfully, with integrity
  • Trust also involves honouring all commitments we make and to treat people fairly and consistently in both good and bad times
  • We will earn and keep the trust of our Principals, Customers, Employees, Shareholders and the community in which we operate.
  • Trust is fragile. It takes many years to establish, but it can disappear in an instant. When gaining a business advantage means violating the rules or our values we won't do that. We won’t risk long-term success for short-term gain.

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